Hearing Loss and Dementia – Are They Connected?

Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, and for many, just an expected part of aging. However, it isn’t that simple, nor should hearing loss be considered inconsequential. Untreated hearing loss has significant negative consequences – something no one wants to be a natural part of the aging process – dementia. So, how are hearing loss and dementia connected, and more importantly, what can you do to stop it? How Hearing Loss Leads to Dementia A study by John Hopkins and National Institute on Aging researchers suggests that seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia than those… Read More

What’s the Difference Between Listening and Hearing

Let me be presumptive for a moment – you’ve experienced frustration when you feel the person you are talking to you isn’t listening. From experience, we all recognize there is a difference between listening and hearing. We also all know how it feels. And we are also all guilty of doing it. So, what’s the difference, and what does it all mean? Hearing vs. Listening Hearing is the act of perceiving sound, either auditorily through your ear or by physically feeling the sound vibrations, like the bass or percussions in music. Listening is much more complicated and requires more effort, but it… Read More

How to Use Meditation to Fall Asleep with Tinnitus

The damage from hearing loss can take a toll on your ears and your sanity when you have tinnitus – the constant ringing in your ears that doesn’t seem ever to stop. Some who suffer from tinnitus hear it so continuously that they have an intimate understanding of the tones, hertz, and fluctuations that make up its compellation. And when it’s never quiet, sleep is elusive. So, how can you fall asleep with tinnitus? One way is with meditation. What Is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is the awareness of sound when no external source is present. Commonly considered a ringing sensation, tinnitus can be… Read More

A Love-Hate Relationship with Hearing Aids at Costco

Let me be the first to say it – I do love Costco. Like the random, magical aisle at Aldi, you just don’t know what fun things you’ll find there. From food and drinks to technology and toys, Costco has it all – even hearing aids. Sales from hearing aids at Costco are one of the top revenue generators for the company. But before you buy, check out the pros and cons with hearing aids at Costco, so you know what to expect. What I Love About Hearing Aids at Costco Lower Hearing Aid Cost Costco is a large, nationwide… Read More

Why Your Diabetes Treatment Should Include a Hearing Test

More people each year are diagnosed with diabetes. And if you are one of them and are now struggling to hear – you aren’t alone. Research is showing a strong link between diabetes and hearing loss, which is why a hearing evaluation should be on your diabetes treatment plan.  What is Diabetes? Diabetes occurs when your body cannot produce or manage the hormone insulin, which is produced by your pancreas. Insulin opens pathways into your cells, allowing glucose (sugar) to enter, where your cells use it as fuel.  Without insulin, glucose builds up in your bloodstream instead of being absorbed and… Read More

How Will Coronavirus Change the World of Hearing Care

As the year 2020 nears its end, and the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge on, it’s hard not to wonder what the future will look like, let alone the next year. What’s for sure, coronavirus has transformed many businesses, with health care being no exception. We may not know for certain what the future holds, but when wondering how coronavirus will change the world – in regards to your hearing health care – it’s for the better! The Birth of Telehealth Just a year ago, the Future Health Index 2019 report revealed the availability of telehealth appointments was not typical… Read More

Breakdown the Cycle of Shame on Hearing Loss

Shame sucks. No one likes to feel shame. However, shame is a feeling we all have in common, albeit the reason we feel shame is different for everyone. It’s that drop in your stomach when you feel so transparent; everyone sees and judges you for your misstep. And unfortunately, for those with untreated hearing loss, any effort to engage with those around you opens an opportunity for shame. So, how do you breakdown the cycle of shame? The Feelings of Shame and Hearing Loss We all understand the feeling of shame. But how it affects your mental health and behavior?… Read More

Can Yoga Help Treat Tinnitus – In fact, it can!

There is a booming market for tinnitus remedies, with nearly 15% of all adults suffering from tinnitus. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of false claims out there. And with yoga becoming a growing health trend, it’s only expected they intersect at some point. The exciting thing is not that these two markets finally crashed into each other but that yoga can help treat tinnitus! What is the Main Cause of Tinnitus Tinnitus is the awareness of sounds, like buzzing or ringing, that come from the ears or head and not an external source. For many, tinnitus isn’t just background noise… Read More

What Noise Pollution Is and Why It’s Bad

Nearly 25% of U.S. adults ages 20 to 69 years have some level of noise-induced hearing loss. However, in our modern world, exposing your ears to unsafe levels of noise may not be your choice anymore. Noise pollution is all around us. However, you can take steps to reduce your risk. But before you learn how to reduce your exposure to noise pollution, it’s essential to understand how the ear works. How Your Ears Work Sound is transmitted from a source by creating waves or vibrations in the air. Sound waves reach your ear and are funneled to your ear… Read More