Mobile Hearing Aid Services

Mobile Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aids

Our mobile hearing aid services include dispensing, and any follow care such as cleanings, checks, maintenance, and repairs. Services are offered in a combination of in-home appointments or telehealth visits based on your needs and preference.

Hearing aids selection is based on your test results, your budget, communication needs, lifestyle, and desired follow-up visits with the audiologist. Making the leap into better hearing can feel like a big step, so we offer a 45 day risk-free trial to ensure you are confident in your investment and care.

Hearing Aid Technology


Ideal for a quieter lifestyle with minimal exposure to noise or crowds, due to limited noise reduction capability. This level of hearing aid provides effective support at an affordable price.

Investment: $600 – $1,100 per device


Wider range of features that enhance hearing and clarity across a large variety of listening environments like meetings, concerts and dining out, allowing you to feel comfortable hearing in noise.

Investment: $1,400 – $1,900 per device


For those with a dynamic, busy lifestyle and need a hearing aid to perform demanding listening environments. Premium level hearing aids offer the most advanced technology and features.

Investment: $1,900 – $2,300 per device

We only offer devices from the leading manufacturer – ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Starkey, Widex, and Unitron – ensuring they come with the full manufacturer warranty and repair guarantee. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aid success depends not only on the technology or style of hearing aid selected but also on your hearing care professional’s judgment and skill. Choosing the right hearing professional is an important decision to make when you begin the journey towards better hearing. Your audiologist should be knowledgeable to recommend and fit the proper hearing aids for your needs and lifestyle as well as able to provide the continuous care and support you may need in the future.

Need a Virtual Appointment?

With technology today, I can fit hearing aids and perform tinnitus retraining therapy completely through telehealth.

If you are in Illinois with a hearing evaluation within 6 months, I can program and fit your hearing aids remotely. If you need a recent hearing evaluation, I will be happy to travel to you or help you find a local hearing healthcare provider.

Not sure exactly what you need? Want to make sure we’re the right fit for you? Start the conversation with Wholistic Hearing Care and learn more about how Dr. Gutzmer can help you with our mobile hearing aid services.