Hearing Test and Evaluation

Hearing Test and Evaluation

Identify the Type and Severity of Any Hearing Loss

In the comfort of your own home, we can complete a hearing test to identify the top and severity of hearing loss, as well as your ability to understand others. Our diagnostic audiology evaluations include a physical examination of the ear and ear canal, removal of ear wax if necessary, and testing to assess the auditory pathway and ability to understand speech.

During the same appointment as the hearing test, if a hearing loss is diagnosed, we’ll discuss your communication and lifestyle needs to appropriately prescribe hearing loss treatments or additional interventions to ensure our patients can successfully manage their hearing loss.

A hearing test should be done if you experience any one of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden change in hearing
  • Stuffiness or plugged sensation of the ears
  • One ear hears better than the other
  • Tinnitus in one ear or both ears
  • Constant, bothersome tinnitus
  • Others express concerns with your hearing
  • Social withdrawal or depression
  • Misunderstanding others
  • Receiving chemotherapy treatment of any kind
  • Exposure to loud, noisy environments, either in the workplace or from hobbies
  • Have been tested for or diagnosed with dementia
  • Others expressed the TV is too loud, or you speak loudly
  • Have a family history of hearing loss
  • Frequently ask others to repeat or difficulty hearing children
  • Are over the age of 40 and have never had their hearing examined

If you or someone you love has concerns with their hearing, please consider giving Wholistic Hearing Care a call. Dr. Gutzmer would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you’re ready to improve your hearing, schedule your in-home audiology consultation today by calling (630) 474-5008. We proudly provide in-home audiology services to Cook, DuPage, Kendall, Kane, and Will counties in Illinois.