Holistic Approach to Hearing Care

holistic hearing care approach

Taking a holistic approach to hearing care creates a cooperative relationship where we can discuss and develop solutions that address your life’s physical, nutritional, environmental, social, and spiritual aspects. Our bodies and minds are synergistic, with various bodily systems connecting, impacting one another.

By shifting the focus away from solely hearing health care towards the whole body care, we can help you achieve balance and well being, improving treatment outcomes for our hearing loss patients

It All Starts With a Conversation

Our holistic approach to hearing care and treating hearing loss starts with discussing either in person at your own home or during a telehealth appointment. Through collaboration, we discuss your health history, lifestyle, communication needs, and overall well being.

At Home Audiology Evaluation

We also complete a comprehensive at-home audiological evaluation to assess your hearing ability and the nature of the hearing loss. If hearing loss is present, we’ll determine whether it may be connected with any current or potential chronic health disorders.

Hearing loss can impact other conditions, making audiologists an essential component of your overall care. 

Hearing Health Care Plan

During the same in home audiology evaluation, we begin to develop a personalized holistic hearing health plan. We’ll discuss your hearing evaluation, and if amplification is needed, we’ll discuss lifestyle, budget, and communication needs to determine the best hearing aid solution for you. We can also address the secondary issues that can accompany hearing loss, which can include:

Team Approach

The cornerstones of our holistic approach to hearing care include addressing your:

  • Hearing sensitivity and communication ability
  • Chronic conditions you may have
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Mobility and exercise
  • Mental health
  • Social support structure

Developing a plan that addresses all these aspects may require a team approach. Co-managing conditions by collaborating with other health care professionals enhance the quality of care you receive and the benefits obtained from treatment.

Approaching your mind and body as seemingly unrelated systems and symptoms only stagnate your health and growth. The bigger picture is that your mind and body are far more connected than we ever dreamed of – you don’t just stop at your ears!

If you are in the Chicago-land area and are interested in a holistic in-home audiology evaluation and hearing consultation, give Wholistic Hearing Care a call at (630) 474-5008. Let us show you the care a precision you deserve.

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